Monday, October 8, 2007

Time to put things in proper order

After I informed my bosses about my desire to resign, I got a news that there will be a board meeting on Monday (today) to check the organization's admin policies. It's not that I initiated the meeting, but it's one of the managers who requested to talk things over. I knew from the start that it's not only me who is seeing the problems plaguing our company. While projects are pouring in, the workforce seems to be less taken care of. Worse, others, particularly the new ones, have taken this situation to their personal, mean advantages.

As I recall, we used to have monthly, sometimes quarterly status meetings with our company boss. As the company grows, we now get the chance to see everybody and talk only during special ocassions. And since December of last year, we haven't made any effort to check how the company is doing. This is where shit started to happen.

The meeting is actually taking place as of this writing. I know it's not too late.

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