Monday, September 17, 2007

Thanks for the lovely memories, Lola.

My grandma died this morning after a week-long battle against stroke. She lived a very simple, quiet life which we rarely experience nowadays. She was also one of the few lucky souls who managed to witness and live along with their sons and daughters' senior citizen years.

Memories with my lola:
I used to sneek behind then jumped over her for a kilitan session. I would always surrender after her series of counter attacks na halos malaglag na yung pustiso niya.

First time I ate mushroom called "tenga ng daga" which sprouted at the back of our old house. She cooked it deep fried and it tasted better than porkchop.

Our family Bingo sessions. Despite her deteriorating hearing powers, we couldn't match her rapid Bingo card scanning ability. Aba eh kung maglatag ng cards, kasing laki ng banig sa dami!

Never did I see her get mad at her mga apo. Maybe she respected that much the authority of our parents when it comes to handling our misbehaviors.

Thank you lola. We will definitely miss you.

Monday, September 3, 2007


I was lost again. May blogsite pala ako, nakalimutan ko na.

Super busy kasi sa mga bagay-bagay, pero tinapos ko na. Though I'm starting to get myself loaded again, I like what I will be busy about (huh???).

I'm being offered by Mike's company with a tech writing position to the tune of 28K/month plus project commissions (per reached milestone, take note) plus opportunity to go to Canada. Feels tempting. Pinag-iisipan ko pa.

Ngayon pala, ka-opisina ko na si mahal. Saya, no?