Thursday, October 18, 2007

1488 - E05

**Previously on 1488**

** This Episode**

Dan receives a call from the Company President (CP)...
CP: Dan, I'll wait you here in Starbucks.
DB: Okay sir, I'll just get my notepad and pen (i-mention pa ba yun?).

Dan arrives at the famed Cafe...
CP: Hi Dan, please get something to eat or drink.
DB: Okay (pansin ko laging "okay" lang ang linya nito, ah.)

After a few sips on his hot milky choco...
CP: Well, are you busy?
DB: Busy enough, sir... *smiles* I've been doing some blah blah blah...
CP: Anyway, I like you to prepare a documentation for this and that, etc. etc.

Discussion continues until the CP invites him to go to his office.

This is where the boss opens up Dan's career issues...
CP: How much are you getting with us, Dan?
DB: *beep* sir. (hehe, kala n'yo, ha!)
CP: And how much is the offer of *beep*
DB: 11 grand higher plus bonus package for every project milestone reached plus opporunity to go to canada.
CP: I'll tell you this... I'll review your compensation thoroughly. You might not get the needed increase effective next month but I'll add the assumed adjustment to your yearend bonus. So, how's that?
DB: It's fine with me sir, as long as you think it is fair to the company as well.
CP: So, we're ok with it na. Unforunately, I cannot promise you an opportunity to go in Canada *smiles*. Thank you Dan. By the way, please tell *beep* (one of the finance officer, not the FAG head) to come here.
DB: Okay, sir. Thank you for discussing with me my concerns.
CP: I-thank you mo mukha mo! Yari ka sa akin, marami akong ibibigay na mabibigat na projects sa 'yo, yari ka!
(Nasa isip-isip lang ni Dan yung last line, hehe).

**to be continued**

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