Monday, October 15, 2007

1488 - E03

**Previously on 1488**

**This episode**
Dan Bowel dreams of an old conversation with the Finance and Admin Group Head (FAG Head - pun highly intended) of their company...
FAG Head: Dan, I told our President to give you a big yearend bonus because you are so kind naman! And for your annual increase, just be patient and don't expect too much. Hayaan mo na silang mas mataas ang sweldo sa 'yo, hindi ka naman programmer eh.
DB: (snake bitten look) Ah ok, thank you po.
**dream scene repeats for about 10x before Dan wakes up abruptly**
DB: Whoa, why did I let that stupid explanation about my compensation get a score in my face at maximum point blank range!? Didn't the FAG head realize that it's my performance that should dictate my company perks, and not because I'm "kind" or because my job description does not include writing codes for applications of mass destruction?! Where did she come up with that silly assessment? Where was my defensive reaction artillery that time? Darn, I should have reacted immediately. What a nightmare!

**to be continued**

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