Friday, October 19, 2007

TDP: Risen from digital ashes

Welcome back TDP (The Digial Pinoy)! Ito lang ang online community na naging active ako, and after a few weeks in limbo, it came back on the websphere like a new born baby again, thanks to a ruthless web hosting company. To know more what had happened, I invite you to click here and read along because this could save your time, hardwork and contacts to online friends someday.

Kudos to sir bloodredxxx for his resiliency, patience and faith after that very unfortunate experience. We believe in you sir and you didn't fail us at all because we understand that you did your best to recover the stuffs essential to you and to all the TDP members. Pero sabi nga ng ilan sa amin, shit happens. More power to you!

Marami na rin palang nabiktima itong company na ito:
Victim 1
Victim 2

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