Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wheel of Fortunecare

This post is bashfully dedicated to the doc whom I consulted yesterday at the MegaClinic:

How would you know if the attending lady physician is a newbie in her profession:
1. When she asks you on the history of your self-medication in a surgically precise and detailed narration (day 1 - type of drug, dosage, effect; day 2 - type of drug, dosage, effect; day 3....)
2. When she teaches you of medical facts about your health problem as if she wants to show off her broad medical knowledge and expertise. No simple explanation is available for unsuspecting patients.
3. When she lets you take more than usual deep breaths when using her stethoscope (about a minute each on your chest and back).
4. When you get some sarcastic remarks when being asked of your family medical history, as if you should know all types of asthma.

Lastly (this one's priceless):
5. When you return to her clinic and tell that the medicine that she just prescribed is non-existent; and then you hear her asking herself in disbelief, "bakit ganun?"

Interchanging "capsule" and "tablet" to refer to a single drug seems unacceptable to me, especially if this was committed by a professional medical practitioner.
Tablets and capsules are not the same, doc. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!

I could've let this pass if she'd just uttered, "sorry" to me, who went 5 floors down, looked for this silly drug, verified the pharmacists "no such drug" finding to another pharmacist of another drugstore, and finally went 5 floors up to tell her mistake (Darn, bababa pa pala ako ulit).

I hope she learned a lesson from it. I just did.

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