Tuesday, January 8, 2008

1488: Final Episode

**Previously on 1488**

**This Episode**


Dan while browsing the Net in the coference room a.k.a. office workstation annex:

DB: Yay, I received an e-mail from a Nigerian national saying that I won in their lottery! It must be true! I am rich! I'm done here!

Dan packs up all his stuffs and leaves the office with no plan of going back to work again, ever.

** THE END **

Writer's note:
I have decided to end this "fiction." This is not an act of sympathy to US screenwriters crisis. I'll just let its gist pass as a part of last year's uncertainty.

Yesterday my boss fulfilled the other 50% of his offer, thus completing my reason to stay in his company a little more longer. I believe it's a win-win situation (kapal!).

Now, the ball is with me. I have to prove that I'm worth of such deal, though he apparently had easy time in thinking how valuable I am in the organization (kapal talaga!). Sus, pagbigyan n'yo na 'ko, minsan lang naman.

Thanks to all who have shared their wild, dark, eye-opening and mind-boggling thoughts which, on some extent, had helped me think of my career and career-wise determine my current value.

I just wish that everybody else is getting what they deserve.

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