Monday, December 10, 2007


As I was watching Mike E.'s Imbestigador last Saturday, my despise meter shoots up towards the people who are responsible in putting our transportation infrastructure in total mess. I couldn't help my self. These guys are so disgusting to their bone marrows.

The most memorable part of the program for me is when Mike compares the inter-country train of Singapore and Malaysia to our very own MetroTren. Their train has clean toilets while ours is, well, a toilet itself (the video even shows plastic bags full of human &h!+ being thrown on passing train cars by railroad squatters). I laughed upon seeing it while my Pinoy blood wanted to freeze in shame.

Lack of planning, lack of budget, lack of discipline and corruption are Mike's conclusion to our transport demise. Letting these eat up our conscience and will is the scariest thing that could happen. I'm pretty sure that in other countries they do have these problems, too. But I agree on the program's further assessment that we Pinoys are far better in terms of ingenuity, resourcefulness and hardwork. These are our inherent qualities. Discipline can be taught. We already laws. All of these plus a little patriotism can bring us back to where we should be.

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