Friday, November 23, 2007

Weekend wishy-washy

Sa wakas, naunahan ko ang mahal ko sa pagpasok! I arrived in the office at 6:58am, 15 minutes earlier. And my prize for beating her: 2 pieces of fried galungggong and 1 serving of rice. Awesome.


Yearend is fast approaching. Unlike the last two Decembers, my spending power this time shall be controlled to the minimum. Saving for the wedding shall be my top priority. March is just a few weeks away.

Here's something that you can throw in some comments:
They say that nice guys are either dead, already committed, or gay. I think this isn't as hopeless at it seems. Of the three cases, the committed guys can be done with some sort of marital amendments. So, how about a law to give them the privilege to fall in love twice at the same time to compensate their numbers in proportion to deserving women?


My fave videos this week. Magka-relate so panoorin n'yo pareho.

Cats Talking

Cats Talking (Translated)

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