Thursday, November 22, 2007

Finally paying off

We are trying to close all our projects with our big clients before the end of the month so we could get laid, er, paid. This week seems pretty well for my team because we're gonna receive two project acceptance certificates, woohoo!

My December will have less vacation, thanks to a new project bid. If ever this pushes through, January will be a lot busier. But I'm ready... I think so.

Speaking of next year, I'm really looking forward to our company as a more mature corporate family. The "elders" (patay ako kay Sally) are doing a great job in making "should-be" stuffs happen. I just hope everybody will be cooperative and help out, whether solicited or voluntary. It is not really on how policies are strictly followed; I think it's a matter of realizing things that the company is expected of you to do. Rules will always be rules but you can think of these as plain reminders to your self, if you get what I mean. Internal politics is a sad fact as the majority's payslip and could affect you sometimes, but as long as you are minding your own job and doing it well, it won't cause you any harm. And try this tip: Kung pinupulitika ka, plastikin mo.

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