Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our Ayel's Development: Week 37

Foetal development during week 37 of being pregnant - Ayel's head may engage, dropping right down into the cervix ready for birth.

My Wife

Mahal may have a sudden urge in the last few weeks to decorate, bake or even start patchwork cot covers, this is known as 'nesting' but not all women experience this. She may feel hot all the time, because your body is working extremely hard. You have more blood circulating and are burning more calories.

-- Exactly what I've been noticing to her this week. Kaya todo bantay siya sa paggawa ng kuwarto ni Ayel kahit pinagbabawalan ko sumilip nang matagal dahil umaamoy yung pintura.

Tapos kagabi kelangan ko itutok yung aircon sa kanya dahil init na init daw siya. So ayun... kaya pala. =)


He is now much plumper and his lungs are ready for the birth. As birth approaches, the amniotic fluid inside Mahal's womb has begun to diminish and Ayel is growing to fill the space. His head may engage, dropping right down into the cervix ready for birth. He should settle with his head facing down and tummy facing your back.

Research suggests it's Ayel's hormones that kick-start labour. When he is ready to emerge his brain will trigger the production of hormones that stimulate the uterus to encourage contractions. His face is filling out, and now has eyelashes. His neck is now thickening and his eyelids can now open and close easily.

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