Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hospital Hopping

Last night we went to Hope General Hospital, a private health care establishment to find out their maternity packages. Their normal delivery service costs around Php15K-17K while CS without complications ranges from Php35K-40K. These are actually the usual prices that we also learned from relatives and friends. We also checked out their maternity rooms which I would say comfy enough for us. Its Php800/day is sure ok and within the budget.

Next stop: Novaliches General Hospital. They have this Php7K maternity package promo displayed at their building's facade so we inquired about it. Unluckily, one should have gotten enrolled to this program first during her first to fifth month of pregnancy to avail it. Their normal delivery is Php25K-30K and CS at Php50K-60K.

Last Stop: New Era General Hospital.
Normal - Php25K and up
CS - Php45 and up
The Billing Attendant was kind enough to explain to me how much Philhealth would cover some expenses, depending on various cases. Too bad we are quite far from this hospital.

I guess we'll hope for the best maternity care at Hope.

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