Monday, March 9, 2009

Thank you, Master Rapper...

Enough poetic excuses. This blog could be one of my few legacies to my loved ones so I'd better take care of it as if each day would be my last.

Sad news to all Pinoys last weekend. Francis Magalona succumbed to 4th-stage leukemia after a gallant battle with it which I think lasted for seven months. I checked his multiply account and read his last posts that reflected his burning passion to life and undefiable hope of winning over earthly death.

Salamat sa lahat, kababayan ko...


Just had breakfast with our Prez and the 'twas first time I was asked to go with him without the rest of the early bird guys.

Free breakfast = Confidence level upgrade = Workload = Monday, it is!

Anyways, gusto ko pa sana magkwento pero past 9a.m. na and I have 3 proposals to complete today. Ciao!

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