Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Ayel's Development: Week 28

Our baby Ayel's nostrils are now open and his lungs are developing air sacs. He is now taking on a more normal flesh colour and a less wrinkled appearance. His bones will be hardening and the lanugo will start to disappear, though some patches may remain after birth.

As he grows bigger he will have less space to turn and roll, but will still kick vigorously. His arms and legs pull up towards the chest as he finds a position which is comfortable for his developing size.

Our doctors may check at this stage to see which position Ayel is lying in. If born now, he has over a 95% chance of survival.

He will be learning to live with the sound of Mahal's blood humming and whooshing and all the digestive gurglings. Apart from the lungs, his major organs are functioning. The lungs are still full of amniotic fluid and the air-exchange sacs (alveoli) will not be formed for several more weeks. His brain has grown larger and a fatty protective sheath covers the nerve fibres. This allows the impulses to the brain to travel faster, so he can learn more quickly.

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