Friday, June 29, 2007

Refreshing Escape

Me and my mahal had a very nice road trip yesterday courtesy of ka Ben. After participating in a livelihood seminar in Pansol, Laguna, we went straight to his bought piece of land in Tiaong, Quezon. Sisilipin lang daw niya yung "bahay kubo" niya dun.

ka Ben owns Salem Bed company (remember the tv ad showing a dumbo on a bed? nevermind if you're not an 80's child...). He bought the 2.4 hectare-land for his "Bunotan" plant or gawaan ng kutson out of coconut's outer "nutshell" (darn I'm sooo bad in describing things!). Mahal has found a new job there, and I guess she's happy with it. :-)

We stayed in his "bahay kubo" the rest of the day while eating nicely cooked foods. We ate ginataang suso and pato in the evening. Hanggang dalawang suso lang ako, kahit anong sarap ng pagsipsip nila (my friend had almost filled his plate with emptied shells), hindi ako natakam. Lasang lupa talaga eh. Pero hindi matatawaran yung sabaw niya. =)

Yung "bahay kubo" nga pala ni ka Ben eh may 3 A/C rooms, a hot and cold shower, and an entertainment system.

But the most special thing yesterday was ka Ben's words of fatherly advice about getting married and raising a family, based on his personal experiences that were indeed very inspiring. I fully realized how blessed this gentleman is not only on the material aspect.

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