Monday, June 4, 2007

My First

Kanina lang ako nakapag-isip na gumawa ng personal blog. About 3 years ago I created a blog for my "business" which I thought it would be a very effective portal to promote it. Kaso hindi nag-click. Not that blogging had failed me, but it was the business itself that was a big flop. Buti na lang kahit papaano nabawi ko yung puhunan ko, except for the time and effort I've spent. Hay buhay...

Moving forward, I intend to update my blog entries daily (sort of an online diary or journal... whatever).

Hindi ko lang sure if I will make this blog available for everybody (who cares! hehe). Ino-note ko na lang siguro sa last will and testament ko itong url nito, bahala na silang magbasa once I rest in peace... NOT! =)

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