Monday, June 18, 2007

But you're not trying!

This is what my Tita Mel has told me last week about my effort in trying my luck in Canada. Sinabi ko na lang sa kanya na I'm afraid na maging pabigat lang ako sa kanila if I did not get a job there immediately. But that is just an excuse. I really want to go there and look for greener pastures for my family and my future's sake. Maybe a nice opportunity is waiting for me just around the corner.

I visited migration expert website and took their visa eligibility assessment exams. I did not pass their skilled worker visa test but I was congratulated for passing the temporary work permit visa (yipee!). I didn't go through the rest of the screening process because kasi may bayad na, hekhek.

But I have decided that after I get married in February next year, I'll gonna start preparing the needed documents that will make me arrive in Vancouver. And if things get very well, might as well apply for permanent residency together with mahal. =)

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