Friday, May 31, 2013

Android vs iOS: Dream Battle or Battle Only In Your Dreams?

Being both an iOS and Android user for only a year, I would say that I might have not experienced the best and worst (if there is any) of these two major mobile platforms. Mobile is actually a restricting adjective, as these to competing operating systems transcend beyond mobility. Both have taken portability and computing into a whole new level. So, instead of bragging my limited relationship with these to wondeful software creations of our time, let’s take a look at some ideas and reviews going around the World Wide Web. I decided to skip the things that both OS have (productivity, social media integration, etc.), I believe it’s more interesting to know which areas one seem superior to the other. Specialized Content Portals. If you’re too keen on going to a specialized store, iPhone has dedicated portal for games (Game Center) and media content (iTunes). Android prefers putting everything in one giant virtual market place. Customization. You can only do this for iOS after jailbreaking the device. Android has deeper customization capability. Voice Assistant. iOS has Siri (though honestly it failed to fascinate me aside from watching funny YouTube parodies about this virtual feminine butler). Flash Support. Some websites may not work for iOS, which make Android-based browsing experience better. Apps Quality. Some say that iOS apps have fewer tendencies to crash and average rating is higher than Android apps. This maybe true on a general observation, I think it is still very subjective on a per user level. Following the advise of ZDNet’s article, if you have the luxury and the necessity to own Android and iOS powered-devices, you don’t have to worry about anything. Just enjoy using them whenever you want. For more interesting facts and insights, I recommend you check out related articles from PC Advisor and TIME Tech websites.

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