Monday, February 15, 2010

My 10-10 in 2010

Last January, the inevitable happened: My age is officially beyond the Gregorian calendar month days. As a tribute to myself, here are top ten signs - in no particular older - that tell me that I'm increasing in value in terms of antiquity.

1. Almost 70% of my friends are married and 90% of which already have children aged 1 year and up

2. I started commenting on how teenagers type in their text messages (QuA AzaHn NhA Poh QaU? is nauseously translated as Kuya, nasaan na po kayo?)

3. Reads newspaper more often

4. Feels pain in various region of my body more often

5. More and more kids calling me Kuya or Tito

6. Our wedding album gets dusty

7. Drinks coffee more often

8. Mentions terms like pressure, stress, taxes, billing statements more often

9. Shoots adult jokes like drinking water

10. Starts to worry about my eating habits

This should not overshadow the fact that lots of blessings were and are being given to me, thus here are the top ten:

1. I have a loving wife;

2. I have a wonderful baby boy (girl to follow);

3. My family is healthy physically and spiritually;

4. Both my biological parents and parent in-laws are still here;

5. Families and close relatives from both sides are safe;

6. I have lots of friends;

7. I have my own house (car to follow);

8. I have a stable job (own business to follow);

9. My bills payments are up-to-date;

10. I can share my blessings and afford to help others in any way I can; instead of being on the receiving end.

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