Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our Ayel has Arrived!

May 23, 2009

10am - Mahal and I planned to go to Robinsons to buy additional baby stuffs, but after going to a specialty clinic referred by my mom to check for their maternity package (though we have agreed to go to New Era Hospital when the time comes).

11am - We arrived at Drueco Specialist Clinic and registered at the nurse station so we could have a record and an initial check up by the Ob-Gyne doctor on duty. This was when we found out that Mahal was already in labor and her cervix had opened na pala @ 3cm! So we have to postponed our shopping.

12noon - Mahal was admitted while I got back to our house to get extra clothes for her and our baby (thanks sir Toyie for the baby gifts last December).

1pm - She went to active labor. Hindi ko maisip ang sakit na nararamdaman ng isang nagli-labor. All I know is I had to be strong and must convince her to be strong as well for our baby. Though she tried to tell me how painful it was:

7pm - Mahal was transferred to the Delivery Room after mag-8cm siya.

On this moment, I was overwhelmed by mixed emotions, same feeling when I was about to get married.

8:10pm - May narinig na akong iyak ng baby!

Ayel was taken out of the Delivery Room and I got to see my son for the first time...

Tatay na ako. =)

Definitely, this is just the end of the beginning of a wonderful journey called parenting.


ryllah said...

danny? ryllah ito,,, how are you?

the Zookeeper said...

hi ryllah! heto, undergoing rites of passage for a new parent like me. kape naman tayo minsan. =)

ryllah said...

iba na number ko.
email mo ko sa


lenj said...


san po ang Drueco Specialist Clinic? hospital hopping din kasi kami. saw your blog when I was searching for novaliches general hospital's maternity packages.

thanks in advance!