Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Rush Hour Commute - Day 2 Result

Team LRT 2 wins Day 2 of 'Rush Hour Commute'

Aug. 05, 2008 10:50:00
MAKATI City, Philippines – After a tight and exhilarating day two of the Rush Hour Commute, Team LRT 2 finishes first in the race from Santolan in Pasig City to C.M. Recto in Manila.

Experiencing a warm and shaky ride in one of the carriages of the LRT 2, Cita Goyagoy, Rissa Camongol and Lyn Rillon of the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) and Izah Morales of INQUIRER.net arrived at their final destination in 33 minutes after leaving Santolan and spending P15 each.

The Rush Hour Commute is a race involving four teams from the Philippine Daily Inquirer and INQUIRER.net volunteers taking a train, bus, jeepney, taxi or car in three routes in Metro Manila during a rush hour from August 4 to 6.

The concept of the race is to determine the cost and time spent getting through pre-selected routes in Metro Manila. For Day 2, the teams races from Santolan in Pasig to C.M. Recto in Manila.

Team CAR, composed of Abel Ulanday and Fran Katigbak of PDI and Janie Octia of INQUIRER.net, finished second after being bogged down by traffic in Cubao and Legarda in Manila and witnessing two jeepneys collide, causing slight and brief congestion in Magsaysay Blvd.

Despite the delay, Team CAR cruised to the finish line in an hour and nine minutes, spending a total of P180 and traveling 12.8 kilometers. Team CAR reported consuming about two to three liters of gas.

Team TAXI made up of Ernie Sarmiento of PDI and Lawrence Casiraya of INQUIRER.net finished third without the frustration of hailing cabs and negotiating with taxi drivers, which was the experience of Team TAXI on Day 1 of the race. It took Team TAXI an hour and seven minutes to reach the finish line, costing them a total of P190.

Team JEEPNEY, composed of Cenon Bibe of PDI and Alex Villafania of INQUIRER.net finished last after having to switch rides in Cubao from Santolan to take a jeepney ride to Divisoria. There are no direct jeepney routes from Santolan to C.M. Recto. It took Team JEEPNEY 1 hour and 26 minutes and P27.50 each to get to their final destination.

For Day three of the Rush Hour Commute, the volunteers will be traveling from Baclaran to Monumento.

Accounts of the race, photos and videos of the volunteers are posted on the Rush Hour Commute site. The results of the race will also be summarized in the Talk of the Town section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer on Aug. 10.

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